Health Benefits to Drinking Coffee

If you are a regular coffee drinker, you likely look forward to the smell of freshly brewed
coffee every morning. A great way to ensure you have the perfect cup of coffee every day is to
make sure you have a Black and Decker 12 cup coffee maker! This machine is sure to provide
you with the consistency you are looking for in a quality cup of coffee. Outside of its delicious
taste, coffee has many health benefits as well. See below for a few of the most helpful benefits
to regularly enjoying an excellent cup of coffee.
1. Improved energy levels: One of the biggest reasons you may regularly enjoy coffee is
for the increase in energy. Coffee supplies a sufficient amount of caffeine to allow your
body to continue to function throughout the day.
2. Helps burn fat: Caffeine is a natural metabolism booster so what better reason to drink
3. Improved physical performance: Caffeine increases epinephrine levels in your blood
which is the fight or flight hormone. This hormone then prepares the body for physical
exertion. Therefore, drinking more coffee will help your body prepare for physical
4. Essential nutrients: Coffee actually contains many nutrients that the body needs
including: B2, B5, manganese, potassium, magnesium, and niacin!
5. May lower type 2 diabetes: Type 2 diabetes is when there are elevated blood sugar
levels in the body caused by insulin resistance or a reduced ability to make insulin. No
one is exactly sure why, but coffee drinkers have a 23-50% less chance of developing
type 2 diabetes.
6. Reduced risk of Alzheimer’s: Similar to the benefits of reduced type 2 diabetes,
researchers are unsure of why but it appears to hold true that coffee drinkers have a
65% less chance of developing Alzheimer’s.
If you are looking for a new way to get a consistently great cup of coffee every morning we
highly recommend looking into the Black and Decker 12 cup coffee maker.